May the source be with you.


The source code of GroupSAC is being maintained as a Google code project by Pierre and I in both C++ and Matlab. The goal is to supply a general and solid RANSAC implementation that covers traditional RANSAC, PROSAC, and GroupSAC. More details will be followed when the final release is ready, and you are welcome to download the latest code and give us your feedback.


SFMViewer is a small and handy visualization tool I wrote in QT4 for Structure from Motion applications. The demo video below was produced using the code.

C++ Error Message Decryptor for Mac OS

The script acts as the wrapper of STLFilt and reformats error messages generated by gcc under Mac OS. It is written as an AppleScript and can be downloaded here.

The RapidWeaver Theme I Used

I like RapidWeaver more than iWeb, but iWeb's white theme does look better to me. Hence I ported it to the RapidWeaver format and used it to build this website. The theme file can be downloaded here, and it is based on the free No Theme.